Good Intentions

So, I have had this blog since last October and now it is….obviously the last day of May. I want to apologize to my sweet follows, who have faith in me that this is going to be a decent blog. Well it may not be a worth while blog, BUT I can guarantee that it will be interesting.

I guess this is the preface.

I have high hopes for this blog. It is going to be an eclectic blog to say the least. You can expect how- to’s, DIY’s, my random thoughts, pictures, and everything in between. The topics will be varied from everything interior design, architecture, history, refinishing furniture, re-purposing items, salvaged architectural details, decorating, books & literature, biblical references, daily devotionals, lots of Goodwill-ed & thrift store items, how to be thrifty, antiques & what to do with them, random thoughts about life, fabrics, food & drinks, inspirations, creativity, my attempt of cooking, random international locations, household info, organizational, photo journaling, style & outfits, fashionable accessories, beauty of nature, joy of friendships, gender specific notes, prose & poems, personal things near and dear to my heart….and ANYthing else you are interested in.

You are really just along for the life of a student in design school. The joys, frustration, tears, success, and me finding myself.

With love & inspiration,


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