Always Wanting More or Is It Less?

My heart is in such a soft place tonight after a weekend of things to think about. I have kept coming back to the same theme.  Over and over again. I keep thinking about the type of people the couple from the Estate Sale (previous post) were.  Were they tall or short? Did they read before the went to bed? Were they hairy or bald?

But thinking of those things just led me to a heart wrenching question. Does that really matter? Hum. Does it really matter what their physical attributes were? Well, does it matter what their bedtime habits were? No, it doesn’t. None of it matters especially after hearing about these two sweet people who had been married longer than my lifetime. They really just outlived their bodies, because their stories are still here. Stories that their granddaughters have about coming over and having tea parties on the good china, then learning how to pray, and reciting the 23rd Psalm for the one hundred and twenty third time. Stories about the people that they had met, the people they showered their love upon, and of course the people they had impacted.

Thinking about this couple brings tears to my eyes. And for a girl who does not like to cry, tears are a big deal. All I could think of was what my life looked like standing beside theirs. Here we are believing the same things, but living them so differently. They would save money for month long mission trips and I save money for needless Goodwill trips & furniture. They saved money to support international missionaries. I save money to support my fast food and Olive Garden addiction. They saved money to give it away and I have saved ALL of my money… for myself. What a selfish. Selfish girl I am.

I had spent two solid days with this sweet couples family and seeing how much of a minimalist life that they had and how enjoyable it was. They were so against materialism. Yes they had nice things, but never once did they not use it for the fear of it being broken or ruined.  I mean I spent TWO days with them and STILL walked away from that sale with a flatscreen TV, 3 books, and a vintage leather glove (yes just one). None of which I need.

So all weekend, but mostly late last night I have just really searched myself, my desires, & my reasons for living the life that I have up until now. Basically put I am a financial slob. And yes…I have heard of Dave Ramsey lol. I am also a “treasure” horder. Oh yeah, I know I just said the dreaded “H” word. No this version is the tame one especially compared to the way TLC likes to portray them. I have collected RANDOM things since I was in elementary school!! I seriously used to collect pencils. (Yes I know, SUCH a nerd!!) Then I collected beanie babies, then back to barbies, then legos, and the list goes on. I have not gone through ANY of that stuff in like 5 years until last night. Last night was just a night of a broken woman seeing her sin for what it was and the weight of it. The Lord just wanted to show and confirm my heart that he really is working in it, but anytime God does anything with our hearts it is just overwhelming. Last night was such a blessing though. The Lord was opening up my eyes to what he sees and healing my heart’s brokenness. Last night the Lord broke me and my “wanting the world & everything it has” in more ways than one. I think I am on the road to becoming a minimalist, which my bank account will be happy to hear as well as my cluttered room….and yes my car as well.

Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. ~Matthew 6

The Lord is ALL that I need. He is my portion today, tomorrow, and every day after. This may seem like an easy lesson for some of you, but for this one meaning myself it goes straight to the core of myself. I have always blamed my collection, treasures, and shopping sprees on my prospective future/career: Design! I mean you need a little bit of everything to appeal to ALL of your clients. You know, it’s all for the DIY pictures and the portfolio! But Lord remind me always that YOU are enough, you are more than enough.

Now it is time to surrender all that I have collected and MINImize everything that I have. So back to sorting and giving away. The more I get of and out of this house, the more my heart radiates. The more I give, the more I receive. The Lord is loving me through all of this. His love is much more than me having comfort.

John 3:30- He must increase, but I must decrease.…..Less is More. Lets not seek His hands, but seek His FACE.

I want my life to be much more than the things that I have and more about the people I POURED every ounce of my life into. I want to be remembered for not what I have, but for what I gave. I want to live a life like Jesus. After all he was a homeless man who still gave it ALL away, including the very breath in His lungs.

So my prayer is that we will consider their own lives and own hearts. What treasures are you storing & Why? What are you saving money for & it is worth it? What value will these items have in 5,10,15+ years. Think about it. What do you want out of this life? A life full of self and wordly treasures or a life full of others and a Kingdom that awaits you. Eternal glory far outweighs them all.

In love and inspiration,



10 responses

  1. Very wonderful thoughts you have to share and to impact anyone who connects with it.
    We always believed that one should “take only what you need, and give what you can.”
    Life is about striking a balance and making meaning for all that we do. God created us, so we are already “something” and it is the free will He entitled upon us to use it responsibly.

    • Thank you! I really just write from the heart and whatever touches me. I just hope that others will identify with my experiences, in a good way. “Life is striking a balance..” I love that. We need a balance in all aspects of life. Yes God made us into something beautiful. Now it is up to us to reflect that beauty while reflecting it upon others. Thank you for your sweet encouragement!

  2. I’m not particularly into materialism myself, but I don’t think you are selfish for spending money on yourself. It is important to have love in your life by whatever means and if movies or art or books or music make your life full of love I think that can only be a good thing. I always think that before we can truly serve others, we need to be in a good place ourselves. It is wonderful to be able to give to others, but truly from our hearts. I don’t see the point in giving away money if we know we can’t afford it. I’ve done that before and felt reluctant and regretful, not loving!

    I think the couple you are talking about sound like an inspiration in minimalism, but their lifestyle was extreme. They are wonderful teachers in how we can still be happy with less. Even if we take a small portion from that and apply it to our own lives, we have learnt the lesson and honoured their teaching.

    Don’t beat yourself up too much 🙂

    • You know, I never considered myself a material girl, until lately. It’s kinda funny really. Even in Goodwill I will usually only buy the “upscale” labels, but I always justify it by saying that they are solid textiles unlikely to fall apart. I mean really! The things we do to justify our actions lol. I am not a minimalist either, so it has been really interesting to find a balance in between the two. That task has honestly not been conquered, but hopefully it will be soon. I don’t want to steer you the wrong way either… I LOVE my treasures! Yes serving others is just a necessity, but it only means something when it comes from the heart. I concur. I do think that almost everyone could scale back on something. For me that would be…not so much fast food. Oh I love that as well. & Thank you!! I’ll try not to go overboard with it lol.

      • Fast food, chocolate, cakes, biscuits- I could definitely do with a lot less of them LOL! I think I do buy less these days, but there are still things I always think “oh I MUST have that”! Then there’s no stopping me! But they’re usually things to do with my passions. I like giving old things away to charity shops- that way it feels like I’m not hoarding too much. It’s a nice feeling too, knowing someone else can enjoy the books or films. Then I can buy more!!!!

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