Oh yes, It’s time for a History Lesson. [Part One]

Got your paper?
Got your pencils?

Alright sweet followers. It is time to get your cup of coffee or tea, whichever you prefer. I like both personally. Curl up and get cozy, get something to munch on and prepare yourself. This so called history lesson is actually about myself. HA! & You thought you were having a secondary school flash back! Just kidding! I promise I won’t do that to you.

So there is thing called my story. My story is very unique and fits me well. I have always enjoyed the beauty in the not so normal things. Every time they catch my eye and make my day a little bit brighter. I don’t want you to know my name, I want you to know my story. Alright so here goes.

My story actually started more than TWO decades ago, and yet I still don’t feel that old. What a blessing! My story even started before I was born. It’s interesting and might even provoke your curiosity and imagination. Nevertheless, it’s a roller coaster my friends. Crazy, I know! But it is the honest truth. Grab your beverage, some munchies; the reel to this real life film is rolling. Here is your front seat & VIP pass….for free!! lol

Well my parents were actually married when they had JUST graduated high school. High school sweethearts! Yes, I know! Let’s just stop and say, “Awww!”  They were precious and so in love. My dad was the ultimate rebel, riding all over town in his Camero and my sweet mother was a straight laced beauty. What a match. I feel like everyone goes through their “bad girl’ or “bad boy” phase. It really is inevitable.

So they made it past the newlywed stage and here comes my older sister. Just living in a quaint & cozy little house next to the river; the perfect life. My mother was diagnosed with Epilepsy sometime within all of the joy of having a family. Epilepsy is just a fancy word for someone who has seizures. The seizures can be at any level and different strengths. It was recommended that my mom NOT have any more children because of her own health and the potential baby’s health, especially with her on neurological drugs to tame the seizures.

& time goes by. Then some more. Eight years to be exact.
Then out of the blue my mom starts having flu like symptoms and goes to her family physician. Low and behold, she did not have the flu, she was pregnant. What a shock! I mean she had lived so long with a family and was settled into that family scene. But the Lord knew that the family was not complete! But wait…she was still on these powerful drugs. She was still epileptic. That’s not something that is going to disappear during a pregnancy.

But my mother was set on giving this little human… life.

My mom took the doctor’s advice and went off of the medicine, but by this time she was a month or two into her pregnancy. Oh the hype of a new baby overwhelmed my mom. A woman from a family of seven was very excited to grow her family a little more.

The pregnancy was going well until this one particular doctor’s visit. My mom was about 4-5 months in. The tech found something abnormal on the ultrasound. So a few other ultrasound tech’s and the doctor came in and re-did the ultrasound. Every woman’s worst fear- an unhealthy baby. The conclusion from the professionals was that my mom was pregnant with a baby who had had hydrocephalus.

Hydrocephalus is a neurological disease/ physical defect. Hydro= water, Cephalus=brain. This baby had water on the brain in the cerebral cortex, which is located about the nape of your neck. One of the ventricles was blocked. This disease causes very graphic physical shapes. The obvious physical trait is the swelling of the brain, which makes the head about 3-5 times larger than what is considered normal. The mental capabilities would just be nonexistent. Six in ten patients with Hydrocephalus die. The doctor’s prognosis was that this baby was not going to live beyond two years old.

My mom was devastated. She wondered if it was because of the medicine that she had been taking. She contemplated if there was something wrong she had done in the pregnancy. But mostly she was wondering why me, “Why would God chose me to carry this baby?”

So she went home told my dad, they cried together. They went round and round with questions and thoughts about money, insurance, & who was going to take care of this child who would be physically and mentally retarded. Then she told my family then friends, who were also just shocked. All of them gave advice about what to do now. Some of them were very supportive in progressing with the pregnancy, some were already thinking about infant mortality, and others suggested the hush hush word of abortion. No one knew what to do and nobody had any answers.

This was just a journey my mom had to walk down by herself and her body. Ultimately any decision was solely in her hands.

{Sorry…but this story WILL be continued at a later date.  BUT while I leave you in suspense, I really hope that you have enjoyed it this far.}

In love & inspiration,



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