& Then Redemption Came.

This poem. These words were written a while ago, but today they just jumped right off the page and straight to my heart. I love when that happens.

So I like to read, almost any classic I can get my hands onto. Reading always makes me want to write. I always have had that desire. & Today after going through just a mound of papers of things I had collected and saved all the way back to middle school. I have things from pictures of random people, to homework papers and back to letters from affectionate middle school boys. I know right? Can you say pack rat? But today I just had a hankering to go through things and have something like a time traveling experience. Every one needs one of those every know and then.

I love keeping journals and writing in them as often as I can. The entries vary from sketches, to research, then from poems to questions I’d like to be answered. Just a conglomerates of things. Every journal that is started is eventually completed. It is nice to go back and to see how far you have come in life.

Today I found a random, yet old black & white composition book that was half way filled with my words. I slowly peeled the pages to read what was written. I took my time and kept going until the end, which was the middle of the book.

This specific entry was written after reading one of the many Psalms. I wish I could remember which one. I love the heart of David. How he was a man not afraid of emotion and just an open, unconcealed heart. Especially when the theme of most are to act like they have it all together. Let’s be honest who does? Definitely not me. There is so much beauty in the process of understanding how messy life really is. There is beauty in being between the rains of life.

So here is a tiny piece of my heart. Take heart and be encouraged. Even if one of you is encouraged towards Christ, my time was well spent.

I am crying out to you, come fix my broken life.
I am pleading for your forgiveness.
Then you come. Oh Lord, you came!

You alone have healed me.
You alone have loved me.
You alone captured my fears.
You alone have conquered the grave.

I am speechless of your power and awestruck by your glory.
I am completely whole again because of your love.

I will always sing of when your love came down…
It has just welled up in me like the damming of a stream.
It steamed up, like a fresh brewed cup of coffee.
It smelled like the morning when all the flowers awoke to greet a spring sun.
It looked like a sunset overtaking the sky.
It felt like a bride preparing her heart for the one she’d always been waiting for.

So I will sing of this love to remind myself of the One
who knows me,
who made me,
& made my lips to forever sing of His glorious works.

Hope you enjoyed sweet friends.

In love & imagination,